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DSC_1613 01Jan2014

I am not an overly superstitious person – typically. I do put on my right shoe before my left and tie my left before my right to prevent injury but that is where it ends. Except with the giant fish at Woody’s in downtown Raleigh. We stopped in there briefly to have a drink before dinner last night while the Canes game was playing background noise to the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. We recounted the tale of 2006, the Stanley Cup and PBR while our home team was down 2-0. We went looking for the fish in the back room where we watched all 7 games in the series and BobG placed a PBR can in the fishes mouth. This happened every game during the playoffs. The Result? Canes won in OT.

I wouldn’t want to take credit for the win but I would encourage the folks at Woody’s to either leave the can in place or replace it on game day. Either way – great win to finish 2013 – GO CANES!
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2013 25Dec2013

2013 was a year of up and downs, hard work and headaches and of course a little adventure and fun. This list encompasses my personal favorite memories, posts that were well commented on or saw more than average traffic. I know posting was down this year but I was a little busy and honestly tried to only hit the high spots. Less time spent here usually means more cool stuff going on in the “real world.” So here is the much-anticipated list for 2013 – the NOSVC Best of…

Yes – several of these did happen on the same trip or trips. I took that into consideration but decided that each “event” stood out enough to claim their own spot in the “Best of” list. Honorable mentions this year go to the Kirby Derby, St. Patrick’s Day and the end of the Old Mountain Jug. All huge items on their own but being slightly edged out by the competition. It isn’t impossible that one or more of these might return to a future list with the notable exception being the Old Mountain Jug. I think it has found what might be a permanent home in Boone. And yes – an award winning Kirby Derby getting an honorable mention is proof of how much fun 2013 really was. Read More

legochristmasvillage 12Dec2013

This year’s Lego Christmas Village is the largest yet and it is because CaraDMc let me take over the entire dining room table. Formal dining room? We all need one for building. This year includes – Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Back to the Future and more. Take a spin on the new carousel or ride the train – why wait in line for Holiday Express. We have a fast pass! Enjoy the pics – next year I might be back on a smaller table with less room for craziness.
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stoned 08Dec2013

I combined the pictures from our last two trips to Disney in this gallery. (Post race and the last day in Orlando.) From new Fantasyland attractions to the parade to the most exciting new ride in Disney – Starbucks. We jammed more into a few short days than some people do in a week. It was an awesome time and the pictures only tell a part of the story. Thanks again to BobG and Sonya – just let us know when you are ready for a return trip. Other than a few odds and ends that is all the pics from the trip. Do note that Starbucks did not turn anyone that was stone back to life. Disney magic can only do so much.
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raceday 07Dec2013

I am certain that after I ran my last half-marathon (City of Oaks 2008) I never planned to run another one. Fast forward five years and for some reason I decided I wanted to challenge myself. In particular I wanted to challenge the me from 2008 that didn’t do everything that I thought he could on race day. So I found a race that looked like fun – recruited a couple of people to run it at the same time and started training. In February of this year my average mile time was far north of 12 minutes and my average distance was under 2 miles. A long way from where I wanted to be if I was going to run a faster time and feel better afterwards. By October I had finished my first 10K in under an hour and felt ready to tackle the half-marathon distance. I still didn’t know until I crossed the finish line how things would really go. I was chasing a ghost and was probably more ready than I should have been to feel the way I did in 2008. So much so I stopped posting times and confided in very few people what I hoped to accomplish. Now that the race is done I can safely say I made it, plan to run at least one more (Disney Half 2014) and am glad I took the challenge. I would highly recommend the Space Coast Race for beginners or experienced runners. And yes – just like I won the Super Bowl – I went to Disney World immediately afterwards and may have walked another half-marathon in the process.

And yes – that was 4:39AM when we were up and ready to go to the starting line – temporary tattoo of my goal times on my arm – scared to death about what the morning was going to look like.

Congrats to BobG and CaraDMc the lucky folks who ran the same race. I saw Cara on the course – somehow Bob and I missed each other.
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